The vineyard

A biodynamic viticulture production.

When winter ends, the cutting symbolises the beginning of a new year for the vineyard. It will then successively be submitted to different actions: bonding, épamprage, lifting, palissage, trimming, leaves removal, thinning, soil maintenance. Each step leads to the proper growth of cep, foliar surface and grapes.

Our environment-friendly vineyard is treated with organic methods following Demeter specifications. We apply spraying treatments and supplements that are completely organic. Neither fertiliser nor pesticides are used, in order to maintain the healthiest vineyard, soil and grapes.

The harvest is celebrated as the absolute vineyard party, the climax of one year of meticulous work. The first Gros Manseng grapes are manually picked up in October, by selective separation and passerillage. Then comes the Petit Manseng grapes turn which harvest, according to the weather conditions, generally takes place until December.