The wine warehouse

An Eco-responsible Winery

The wines of Château Lafitte are the result of a work that closely links man to nature. The only intermediary between them, the winery. It had to be in line with our vision of vines and wines. To do this, we built a new building in 2018: a superb work tool, signed by the Palois architect Geoffroy Boulin. We wanted this space to comply with our requirements, here are its main features:

  • Autonomous in terms of its electricity consumption thanks to the installation of a photovoltaic roof.
  • Collecting rainwater for cleaning our farm machinery.
  • Buried and equipped with a Canadian well, to benefit from a natural and constant freshness.
  • Built on several levels to use the principle of gravity for wine circulation.

Our winery has all the environmental assets in its favor. It allows us to work in the best hygienic conditions, which is very important in natural winemaking.