The castle

The Château Lafitte : a long history

Château Lafitte is an old Seigneurial residence of the 14th century, full of charm and intimacy, nestled in the heart of an exceptional, peaceful and hilly plant environment. It is located in Monein, between Pau and Oloron-Sainte-Marie, in the Atlantic Pyrenees, France.

The oldest evidence found in the archives reveals the existence of Château Lafitte in the 14th century, but the castle in its current configuration is the result of works done in the 16th century. The land was then a vast agricultural property, with vines and wine already being an important activity on the estate.

The current owners of Château Lafitte, Philippe and Brigitte Arraou, have been trying for thirty years to restore the family spirit it once had, around a project that has always been a dream for them: to revive the wine production. Since 2012, it is their son Antoine, passionate winemaker committed to the preservation of the environment, who manages the estate. He has evolved the culture from organic farming to biodynamics and has opened the way to natural wines. He produces high-quality wines, while respecting the balance of the land and the vine.

The spirit of Château Lafitte favors pleasure and conviviality, where enjoying life accompanies skills, animated by a warm and perfectionist team. In the vineyards, in the winery and at the table, the goal is none other than to share the result of a generous land and of a passionate work, in harmony with nature.

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