The vineyard

A biodynamic viticulture production

Our five-hectare vineyard is made in equal parts of Petit Manseng and Gros Manseng grapes. We also grow a wide variety of plants, including fruits and cereals. Sheep in winter, bees the rest of the time, contribute to the superb biodiversity of our fields.

We have always applied in them organic farming methods, but in addition to implementing this specification, which bans all use of synthetic chemicals, we have imposed an additional requirement: the one of biodynamics. It is more a question of the living, in its entirety.  Biodynamics is found in the ancient principles of agriculture, with its social, human, environmental and even astral dimensions.

All the living forces of nature contribute to our project. We are convinced that there is the possibility of a development that goes in the right direction, that is, the one of sustainable agriculture.

The result? It is a surprising, delicious and particularly healthy grape, a quality we can be proud of. It is the result of a lot of man power, a sensitive and serious work. Our approach is subject to controls by the Qualisud organization and a certification through the Demeter brand. We therefore act sustainably, and in total transparency for all care brought to the vines; and for the work done in the winery as well.