Rudolf Steiner, founding philosopher of biodynamics at the beginning of the 20th century, conceived the estate or the farm as a living organism. In this sense, Château Lafitte is a particularly successful area, with its own entity. An entity shaped today by an incredible human adventure. An entity based on 3 pillars: a history commanded by respect, a sensitive vineyard, and a spirit of conviction.

Château Lafitte: a long history

Château Lafitte is a former manor house from the 14th century, full of charm and privacy, nestled in the heart of an exceptional, peaceful and hilly environment. It is located in Monein, between Pau and Oloron Sainte-Marie, in the Pyrénées Atlantiques.

The oldest testimony found in the archives reveals the existence of Château Lafitte in the 14th century. But the castle in its current configuration is the work of works carried out in the 16th century. The lands then formed a vast agricultural property, the vine and wine already occupying an important activity of the domain.

The current owners of Château Lafitte, Philippe and Brigitte ARRAOU, have been trying for 30 years to give it back the family spirit it had lost, around a project that has been for them a dream for a long time: to restart production wine. Since 2012, it is their son Antoine, a passionate winemaker, committed to preserving the environment who manages the estate. He developed it from organic farming to biodynamics and paved the way for natural wines. He produces high-quality wines respecting the balance of the land and the vine.

The spirit of Château Lafitte favors pleasure and conviviality, where savoir-vivre accompanies know-how, led by a warm and perfectionist team. In the vineyards, in the cellar as at the table, the goal is none other than to share and share the fruit of a generous land, the result of passionate work in harmony with nature.

The Vines, a biodynamic approach

Our 5-hectare vineyard is made in equal parts of Petit Manseng and Gros Manseng. There is also a large variety of plants, including fruit trees and cereals that we grow. Ewes in winter, bees the rest of the time, contribute to the superb biodiversity of our plots.

We have always applied organic farming methods to it. But in addition to applying these specifications, which ban any use of synthetic chemicals, we have imposed an additional requirement, that of biodynamics. It is more a question of the living, in its entirety. We thus find in biodynamics some fairly old principles of agriculture. With its social, human, environmental and even astral dimensions.

You will understand, all the driving forces of nature contribute to our project. We are convinced of this: there is the possibility of an evolution that goes in the right direction, that is to say, the meaning of sustainable agriculture.

The result? It is a surprising, delicious and particularly healthy grape. A quality we can be proud of. Because it is the result of a lot of manpower; sensitive and serious work. Our approach is therefore subject to checks by the Qualisud organization and certification via the Demeter brand. We, therefore, act sustainably, and in total transparency for all the care given to the vines; as much as for the work done in the winery.

Un chai eco-responsable

Les vins du Château Lafitte sont le fruit d’un travail liant étroitement l’homme à la nature. Seul intermediaire entre les deux, le chai. Il se devait d’être conforme à notre vision de la vigne et des vins. Pour se faire, nous avons construit en 2018 un nouveau bâtiment. Un superbe outil de travail, signé de l’architecte palois Geoffroy Boulin. Cet espace nous le voulions conforme à nos exigences. En voici ses principales caractéristiques :

  • Autonome au niveau de sa consommation électrique grâce à l’implantation d’une toiture photovoltaïque.
  • Récuperant les eaux de pluies pour le nettoyage de nos machines agricoles.
  • Enterré et équipé d’un puit canadien, pour bénéficier d’une fraîcheur naturelle et constante.
  • Monté sur plusieurs niveaux afin d’utiliser la gravité comme principe de circulation des vins.

Notre chai a tous les atouts environnementaux en sa faveur. Il nous permet de travailler dans les meilleurs conditions hygiéniques, ce qui est très important sur les vinifications naturelles et nous permet de réaliser des vins exceptionnels. Vins de Jurançon biodynamiques, vins naturels et vin pétillant naturel, découvrez tous nos vins.

Domain visit

Do you want to know more about biodynamics and natural wines? Know how a natural white wine-making takes place? Discover the particularities of our new eco-responsible cellar? Come visit our estate!

What does the visit to the estate include?

• Presentation of the Estate
• An introduction to biodynamics and natural winemaking techniques
• The visit of our new eco-responsible cellar
• Tasting of our biodynamic & natural wines

Duration: 1 hour – Price: 10 € / person
Tours can be carried out in French, English or Spanish.

How to organize your visit?

1 Contact us
2 Tell us the date and time that best suits you
3 Once the appointment has been made, you will receive a confirmation by email

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